Sunday, February 10, 2019

What in the world is going on here?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the elected representative for the 14th Congressional District of New York which has over 700 thousand inhabitants.  Ocasio-Cortez has come up with something called the Green New Deal, the wackiest proposed resolution ever put before congress.  No need to go into the details here.  The media has already done that.

Suffice it to say that this a climate change proposal that eliminates fossil fuels, eliminates air travel by those dirty jet airplanes, enhances rail travel, (even   across the Pacific), upends ALL buildings in the nation, replacing with energy efficient something or other, pays everyone who is unable to work or "unwilling to work" and so on.  Well you get the picture.  A green control of your life with fantasy climate  changes on steroids.

Now all of this would be ridiculously funny if it wasn't for the fact that the heavily populated 14th District voted this socialist wack job into office and  that all of the announced Democrats running for the Presidency in 2020 have signed on to this nutty proposal.  The cost of this idea is something like tens of trillions of dollars and right now this nation can't even keep with the interest payments on our debt.
God help us.  Please.

Where do you go?

The Governor of New York is moving with lightning speed trying to get recreational marijuana approved for the state regardless of what the people believe or want. This is all about the twisted social culture in this country and of course the money.   IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.
Meetings and proposals by some sane members of the state senate and community spokespersons have promoted the idea of opting out from the drug sales in their municipality or hopefully throughout all of Long Island.  Let us hope they will prevail.  Are we as citizens going to get to vote on this?  Probably not.

God Bless America.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Will someone tell me what the point of the Stormy Daniels story is?  She got her big payday from 60 Minutes and no doubt there will be more like that and then fade away. Perhaps a book deal or  even a tv playlet and then what? All this to make Trump look bad, immoral or unfaithful I guess.

Omnibus Blunder
Trump made a huge mistake by not standing up to Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan and McConnell.  I can only guess that he wanted the funding of the military more than he cared about fighting for conservative principles. There is no way that the White House didn't know what was in that $1.7 trillion dollar spending bill for at least. Month before the 2000 page bill appeared.  Lots of fake drama going on here.  Too much for my liking.  He may have lost the support of many conservatives.. The midterm elections will tell.

Mercy Closing
I can only hope that something will happen to postpone the closing of the Mercy school.  Parents of the students  are protesting  the closing.  It would be very unfortunate for the parents, students, faculty and the community to lose this school.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Fort Lauderdale

I hope there is a special place in hell for someone who would randomly murder 5 fellow human beings who are doing nothing more than picking up their baggage and starting a vacation in the sun.  Expect to hear all the excuses of why this guy completely lost it and began destroying the lives of his recent fellow passengers.  Bad friends, terrible environment, awful parents, paranoid behavior and so on.  Someone missed the telling signs.  Shoulda been placed under care. 
Heard it all before.  Five families have lost a son, daughter, father (we don't know gender, age or family status as yet) and the killer will spend years in court hearings and mental exams.
I don't have an answer.  Hoping someone does because anyone of us could be the next victim.

The Russians Are Not Coming

How tired are you over the Russian "hacking" stories?  I don't know if they actually accessed the files or emails of the DNC or Hillary adviser, John Podesta but someone did and passed the files on to Wikileaks.  Election technology, polls or voting equipment were never compromised although the published emails may have changed some minds about who they were voting for.  The Russian episode has done nothing more than shake up the political parties and expose the rampant corruption in the political system.  So the intelligence community is closing ranks, pointing fingers and tightening their procedures.
So Vlad, you may not have seriously infiltrated our intelligence services but you've got 'em working nights.

Hillary for Mayor

Now we know.  Hillary really didn't care about becoming president.  It's Mayor of  New York City that she really wants.  Strong rumors this week (or is someone just floating the idea?) that Hillary will throw her hat in the ring sending Deblasio to the political sidelines.  She could probably win this one easily, be Mayor of the Donald's hometown and bring Huma and Weiner along for the ride.
Could happen.

Monday, December 26, 2016

'twas the Night After Christmas

The blatant betrayal of Israel by the Obama administration with regard to a UN resolution is causing     a large number of Democrats to speak out in outrage over the U.S. abstention.  Trump will have difficulty trying to overturn the vote and will have to find other ways to  repair the damage.

Didn't get a homeowners rebate check? Could be because your Town exceeded the mandated budget cap ( the most common reason for disqualifying a homeowner from receiving a check).  So chances are that you are paying more in property taxes and losing the rebate as well.  A double whammy.

Why did a representative of CAIR wish that more Russians had died in the tragic crash of a Russian airliner into the Black Sea on Christmas Day?  Disgusting and offensive.  Constantly amazed at the lack of civility and respect for humanity around the world today.

Derek Carr,  quarterback of my favorite NFL team, the Oakland Raiders sustained a season ending broken leg during Saturday's game against the Colts.  The loss of Carr seriously threatens the Raiders success in the coming playoffs.  Unfortunate for a team that made a huge comeback this season.

Looking forward to a better year than last.

Happy New Year my friends.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

This and that at Christmas time 2016

I believe that Donald Trump will  move quickly on his promises when we finally reach January  20. Expect to see action on border enforcement, tightening of immigration and a halt to unchecked
infiltration of the country by refugees.

The most disturbing videos on Facebook are of migrants punching or otherwise assaulting women and young girls on the streets and subways of Germany.  Someone must step up and put these punks in their place.

The Navy is backtracking on a plan to change the designations of enlisted rankings.
The plan attempted to remove gender from the titles but now they are rethinking the idea.

Sanctuary cities, towns and hamlets are on the way out.  Holding back funds from municipalities that ,cover for illegals will seriously impair that activity.

The Trump cabinet is almost complete and the nominations have been excellent.  There will be some fireworks at the hearings but all are expected to be approved.

 Wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS .

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The real Columbus Day is October 12 as celebrated in Spain.  Cristoforo Colombo's four voyages to the new world opened the Americas to European culture, law and ideas. Columbus is of course, not ithout detractors.  Many view his explorations of the Bahamas, the Antilles, coastal Venezuela and Central America as exploitation, but 524 years after the first voyage he is still credited with opening the new world to adventuristic Europeans.

Monday, October 10, 2016


The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over and both sides must be relieved. The video/audio clip from NBC archives almost scuttled the Trump campaign and there were many bailouts who said they wanted to separate themselves from the sinking ship.  The Donald is made of stronger stuff than his GOP detractors and came back fighting.

First, he presented a pre-debate tableau of women who have accused Bill Clinton of various degrees of sexual misbehavior showing that he was prepared to pull out all the stops in the wage of words with the Clintons.

Next, he stayed on message, not letting Hillary get ahead of him on a range of issues.  He came out of the Sunday night battle ahead of Hillary possibly because he was not expected to get through the onslaught by the media.  The moderators, Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Martha Raddatz (ABC) showed an unrelenting bias against Trump.  Will we ever see a straight down the middle, fair and objective moderator again?

The real Gunfight at the OK Corral may be coming at the next closed door session of the GOP inner circle.  The ones who jumped ship on the weekend may be a little nervous this morning.